Bio serum with Immortelle corsica : reduces and relieves the consequences of the sunburn



As the summer is taking over, the sun is starting to shine in all its glory. Our skin as well as that of our children, is not yet loaded with melanin (a pigment which protects the body by absorbing solar radiation) is affected by sunburn and itching.


In the summer the ultraviolet rays are strong. An excessive exposure has negative health effects, including sunburn and increased risk of skin cancer. In just within a few hours after exposure, the skin becomes painfully red. Later on the skin will peel and leave a depigmented area. With the production of the melanin, the skin color darkens, leading to a tanned skin.

Our 2kb2 care

To deeply hydrate and soothe your skin, we invoked the force of nature and created our bio serum with Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum). Helichrysum italicum, which means “gold sun” in Greek, is a robust and fragrant plant which learned to graciously survive the strong heat of the sun in highly sunny arid land. This beautiful but delicate flower has unparalleled therapeutic and cosmetic qualities. It has anti-hematoma properties, strengthens the resistance of the veins and the blood vessels, and stimulates the skin microcirculation. It stimulates collagen synthesis and cell renewal, and deeply hydrates your skin. In a nutshell, it significantly slows down the aging of your skin.

Always applied externally, our Bio-Serum Italicum brings you the healing power of Helychrysum Italicum. It reduces and relieves the consequences of the sunburn. Also, it is skin anti-inflammatory, anti-hematoma, and a lymphatic and circulatory enhancer. Helychrisum Italicum is offering your skin its immortality with its toning, moisturizing and healing properties. Your skin cells are regenerated.

Our bio serum with Immortelle is a true skin care because it heals sunburn and amplifies the effect of the day or the night creams when applied apriori.

To be applied three times daily to the affected areas. Do not use on open wounds.


What to do in case of sunburn?

Minimize the exposure to sunlight by staying in the shade. Drink plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration. In case of a moderate sun’s vigor, apply our Bio active serum with Helychrésum Italicum. Let our serum deeply hydrate your skin and gradually eliminate the pain. If the burn is severe (multiple blisters, poor general condition, etc), the best is to see a doctor as soon as possible.

To avoid sunburn

First, it is essential to applying protective lotion. Avoid the peak sunlight between hours between 12pm and 4pm. For toddlers, a protective hat and appropriate clothing are mandatory during periods of intense sunshine.

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