2KB2 Healthcare

100 % natural, 100% healthcare

2kb2 healthcare™ is a Canadian Brand located in Montréal.  It is dedicated to the development, formulation, and production of anti aging dermo-pharmaceutical products for skin care.Our brand respect for nature and the environment.

2KB2 Healthcare™ selects the best plants from the Earth’s bounty. From harvesting to distillation, 2KB2 Healthcare™ treats nature with respect, preserving the purity and biological properties of the products it uses.

2KB2 Healthcare™ combines traditional knowledge’s with innovative technologies.Using ancient skills and knowledge, we combine fair trade essential oils with the finest vegetable oils into perfect harmony.

Our serums and creams are natural, renewable, with no added artificial preservatives, dyes, chemicals, artificial fragrances or toxic ingredients.

2KB2 Healthcare™ carefully selects each plant molecule based on its biological properties. All our essential oils are from the nature.

Official website :  2KB2HEALTHCARE