Become ambassador for cosmetic and bioethics brand.


“Our Ambassadors transmit the Voice of our Customers”

At 2kb2, satisfying the needs of our customers as well as providing them with quality service is a key objective. Attaining this satisfaction is the ambassadors’ mission.

 Towards Excellence

At 2kb2, our ambassadors occupy a highly strategic position. They pass on to our customers quality information, and return with the customers’ feedback in the form of what they would like. As a result 2kb2 can provide the customers with high-quality, reliable, consistent products and services. In this context, our ambassadors are, “The Voice of our Customers.”

Link between company and customers

Our ambassadors are the direct link between our company, its ethics, its brand, and our customers. They are in direct contact with our customers, they have their confidence, and understand their needs.

In one way, they transmit the trust they have for the 2kb2 products to the customers. They know how to explain to our customers, in a precise manner, our products’ actions and applications on personal care. They are able to demonstrate how our products are “unique”.

At the same time, they collect and analyze our customers’ feedback with regards to their expectations, enhancement requests or things they are satisfied with. Our ambassadors teach us our customers’ needs, desires, and trends.

2kb2 deeply believes that its success is based on its ability to produce quality products, and the ability to market them. Our Ambassadors are entrusted with the task of describing what products and services to offer our customers (in the language of our customers). The input of these ambassadors also gives us the ability to improve our digital strategy. Essentially, 2kb2 would like to communicate all of its products information through its website. It is therefore important that we provide our ambassadors all information about our products well before designing them, and that they participate in the inception of all new products. They are an integral part of our development and progress.

2kb2 bonds with its ambassadors to develop their motivation, commitment, loyalty, and performance. We believe that when a relationship of trust and honesty in one another takes place it will eventually lead to a winning formula for all parties.


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